Cootu Article in English

In the winter season after the launch, drinking the tea in sunbath outside the office at the tea stall the piquant of its something different. Sharma is not present today so I alone myself step up for taking sip of tea, approaching tea stall I order for a cup of a tea and watching here and there, at that time my eyes gets attention towards a child who is looking with lots of intent to a car from where a pure white dog was looking outside from car’s second window, squalid and covering himself in a few ragged clothes. Who is this child? I just unknowingly asked myself at the same time the tea stall owner sounds chootu come here and give tea to sahib, oh yah chootu I got my answer. After hearing name chootu now this face is not unknown to me, now I can tell his full past may be orphan or illegitimate child who has been kicked by everyone since birth, as we are gracious so may be before some time a kind heart put clothes on his skeleton which now turns into ragged clothes. Many chootu’s are present in our nation whom have different homes but have same condition.

If you want to meet any chootu you don’t have to work hard, you will find them any time and any where in small shop’s or in tea samosa’s stall, in hath markets sounding every things5 rupees,and in searching garbage or working a stone breaking labor or sitting outside temple and mosques in hope of few penniy from worshippers.
Whenever I see these chootu I think this is only the future of a great nation? And then laughing own myself I say’s to me how nude and tattered can be the future of our country. Our country’s future is the children of us whom are getting education in big English school on whom we are spending 2500-3000 rupees per month. They will become tomorrow’s doctor, engineer or achieving apex in there life’s they will take care of our nation and society. Still there is a point to think that when this chootu is present in our society so tomorrow what will be the contribution of this chootu in our society, in our nation? What is the future of this chootu? It may be not like that this chootu to thief journey take place? Or may be getting irritating and enough of it’s own destitution he will start loot with people. What do you thing this chootu- criminal, terrorist, pocket mar, thief more than this what he can become? Nothing na, we all knows what’s the future this chootu but we will do nothing to change his future line because this is not yours and not mine duty or responsibility for this there are many government and non-government organizations and orphanages like faculties are present in our country.
Orphanage-------- a very good place from where these type of children get food, clothes and place to live. Like you & me kind heart citizens on festivals or on some occasions donates some founds, old clothes, foods, or any other necessary things by this we completes our duty. Strong Industrialists money makers just donating big-big rupee packages they full fill their responsibility and our great minister’s on these places not only donate government donation but with this they donate a lethargic and intangible speeches. This chootu by some how get arrangement for rote and tattered clothes for covering body but can they ever get mother love which for any child saving from evils work as sword and slope? Can they will get advice of a father which creates a sun shine resplendent future.
Out of Corer population in our nation except 7% no body else is puissant or have sturdy will to hold finger of such chootu and bring to a courtyard. Today our own blood is not really ours. We don’t know about his cast and creed, who is he- Hindu or Muslim? Now days our own family children leaves us then how can these other blood born can support us? Like these there are many thought and these thought are not of a uncivilized person from a village infect they are from India’s metropolitan cities where people walk while carrying there laptop in there hands, speaks English more fluent than a foreigner, wearing underwear also of a branded company, for them to adopt dog and take care of it is status symbol.They themselves say’s 21st century avatar and modern. To follow new fashion means to speak in English roaming with dogs in car, incredible living of life style. This is only the modernization? Or giving a new way to our thoughts is a name of modernization. What type of modern we have become we wears the shirt of branded logo but in our intellect we have orthodox and uncivilized thinking homes. For the past few weeks im watch a TV advertisement in which famous celebrities comes and tells “in our nation only few tigers are left, what are you doing? I have joined.” Whenever I see this advertisement laughs and unlimited laughs comes on my face to think that let it good for saving national wild animals there is a keen level mission is started but
it’s another matter that more than 3 million children of our nation our in pathetic and uncouth condition as compare to animals which sleep and eats in garbage and one they die in that garbage but hold there hands or adopt them such moral giving mission are not started yet.
I was deeply pensive in such thoughts at the same time a sound of strong slap breaks my concentration, when I turn around I saw chootu was heartlessly weeping on the floor the tea stall owner was shouting on him “ dog you have broken the cup, Son of bitch.” I run towards chootu and took in my lap, the pearls was dropping from his innocent eyes. My one thought now was changed in my decision. I say’s to tea stall owner I want to adopt this child do you have any objection? Tea stall owner laughingly replies me why should I object? He is not of my blood relation his place will be replace by some other child there are no scarcity of these puppies in our Hindustan. Giving him a despise eye view I just say ya there are no scarcity but now I am glade and solace that out of them one is got reduced. After saying this I just move a head towards office parking where I parked my car and now this is the only last thought in my mind. A few days before arkita and I was discussing that Aashi is now of 4 years we can plan for a second child but now with this chootu ……… no not chootu Aarush ha this is the name I will give to him.
Aarush……..first ray of sun. after coming aarush in our lives the meaning of phrase “ hum do humare” do, (we 2 and our 2 ) is also complet