Up Coming

1.Book  "Zaki's Crimson Love" (Final idea is written,Possibility to publish in Feb. )
 " This book is based on some negative side of life and relations,it will reflect some practical truth about relations ,hurt and grief and pain full life "

2.Book " A Cup Of A Tea With Her Breath Fragrance " (Under Writing,Expected Publish in Jan.2015)

" She was looking to him with silent eyes maybe she was also feeling today she is looking him last time,she took 2 step back he sit back in car then again she took 2 step back he start car and move to his way as he turn the car a truck coming from other side hit his car so badly just like a toy his car fly in air and fall on earth..tears was falling from her eyes he pull his hand and sweep her tears and whisper i have got desire to be alive when i got believe once day in your Embrace i will die and today time has arrive..Thanks for keep me in your hug at this moment..
Dear readers This book getting bit delay because its my dream project and it will take little more time to finished So i apologize for delay but i committed to bring it on your device as soon as possible
Mohammed Zaki Ansari   

3.Short Movie "Chotu Se Aarush Tak " (Under Production)

4.TV Serial    "Ek Se Bad Kar Ek"   (Under Production)